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Policies, Exchanges & Returns

Policies, Exchanges & Returns:

Returning a Problem Free Order:

If you received your order in good condition and had something arise requiring you to return the order we will accept the return within 14 days of receiving your order.  You will be charged a 15% restock fee and are responsible for return shipping.  Please use the contact us form on our website if you need to process this request.

Returning/Exchanging a Damaged or Incorrect Order:

If you received your order and it is damaged or incorrect contact us using the contact us page and we will get back to you within 12 hours (business days) or 24 hours (Non business days; Saturday, Sunday, Holiday).  On damaged or incorrect orders that you wish to exchange we will pay for any return shipping costs and offer to replace the damaged or incorrect order at no additional charge.  If you wish to cancel the order all together and return the item(s) we will pay for return shipping.  Once the items are returned we will evaluate the condition, if the item is indeed damaged or incorrect we will then process your refund.  If no damage is noted and the order was indeed correct we will charge a 15% restocking fee.

Cancelling A Order Before it Ships:

If you have an emergency or unexpected financial setback and decide you need to cancel your order please contact us using the contact us page.  Unshipped orders that are cancelled are still subject to a restock fee of 15%.  This policy does not apply to custom orders such as forged wheels, special drilled wheels, custom painted wheels, etc., these orders can NOT be cancelled or modified under any circumstances.

Custom Wheel Orders with Extended Build Times:

All custom orders (order that requires special building, drilling, painting, or modifying of any sort) can NOT be cancelled, exchanged, or returned.  Please expect build times to range anywhere from 4-16 weeks depending on manufacturer and model.  If you would like a estimated time before ordering please use the Contact Us page and provide all information for the wheels your looking to have built.  Please Note: Orders that construct beyond the estimated wait time still can NOT be cancelled.  

Vehicle Fitment:

We are not responsible if you order the incorrect size, bolt pattern, offset, etc.  If you order the incorrect product and need to exchange the item you are responsible for paying all return shipping costs on the returned items.  If you choose to return the order for refund see the above section "Returning A Problem Free Order".  

We are not responsible for fitment issues related to turning radius, etc.  We are not liable for damages that could occur due to oversize wheels/tires that are not for your vehicle specifications.  If you have questions about fitment please use the contact us form.  Please note that all fitment related questions and answers are experience based suggestions and are NOT a complete guarantee of clearance/fitment.

We are not responsible for traffic violations or other fines due to oversize wheels, tires, or lift.  Please review local laws before ordering.


We use different shipping carriers that offer Ground shipping and Freight shipping.  Standard Transit for ground shipments is 3-7 business days depending on your location.  Standard Transit for Freight Shipments is 5-10 business days depending on location.  Please note these estimated delivery times are estimates for once the order has left our shipping facility and does not represent overall wait time.  Most smaller wheels/tires will ship ground.  Larger wheels/tires usually ship Freight on a Pallet.  Freight shipments typically require an appointment which can delay delivery 2-3 business days.  If you are seeking a faster delivery time or expedited shipping service please contact us.

Order Handling/Processing Time:

Once you have placed your order please expect a 2-3 day handling/processing time on in stock items.  This does not include wheel/tire packages.  In the case of a wheel/tire package please expect a 7-10 day handling/processing time.  This time frame allows us to source the necessary items, complete the package, prepare for shipment. Please note: All orders begin fulfillment process as soon as payment is processed and items have confirmed inventory.  These time ranges can vary depending on payment method and products ordered.  If there is a random payment hold or issue we will contact you with a revised estimated processing time.

You Ordered An Out of Stock Item:

This is one of the more frustrating things in our industry! You order the product online and get the notification that it is on back order or discontinued all together.  In some cases it could be a very small delay or a lengthy delay... With thousands of wheel configurations on the web its not completely possible to guarantee availability.  If you order a product and we determine it is out of stock we will contact you immediately with an estimated wait time.  If you are not satisfied with this you can be issued a complete refund OR change your order.  Neither of these situations will be subject to additional Restock Fees.

Manufacturer Warranty Policy:

If you have a warranty claim please contact us.  Our company follows manufacturer warranty policies and offers no additional warranty on purchased products unless otherwise specified in item listing.

Best Method of Contact:

We pride ourselves on customer service and customer response times.  Due to high demand of orders, requests of product information and other requests we are most efficient resolving your inquiries via our online contact form.  You may also email us at [email protected]  You will be satisfied with the response time you receive on your inquiry, we guarantee it!

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