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Where we stand!

Posted by Michael on Jan 1st 2021

As most of you have seen we have been undergoing major website changes over the last couple months.  The site has many features that are still in process of being implemented and are by no means 100%.

As it stands today we have nearly 180,000 products on our website that show active inventory and are updated several times each day.  Some of those products can't be purchased if out of stock to help avoid ordering discontinued items.

There are another 50,000 products (primarily wheels, tires, lift kits) that do NOT have active inventory feeds at this time.

Our ultimate goal is to create high transparency to our customers to see what's in stock vs. what is not.  This is extremely difficult but we are working diligently to make inventory known on as many products as possible.  For our customers who have been supporting our efforts we greatly appreciate the support while going through the transition.

Thank you all!